San Patricio is located in Mexico's Central Pacific Coast region. It sees only a few travelers, and it's among Mexico's least visited destinations. Travelers passing through the area usually stick to more well-known travel spots such as Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. Know something about San Patricio? Help us out and add to this San Patricio travel guide.
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You absolutely MUST do the Mex-ECO Majahuas turtle tour. Starting in November, and through to at least February, you go camping overnight on a beach, learn about the Olive Ridley sea turtles, their situation and what the local community is doing to help. Patrolling at night, you'll see females coming to shore and laying their eggs  - they go into a trance-like state, so once they have started laying, you can actually touch and take photos without fear of disturbing them. See how Ruth, Dan and their Mexican friends collect the eggs and re-bury them in a secure corral, away from the threat of poachers; see the hatchlings emerge from their nests and help introduce them to the water. When I was there we saw not only a number of Olive Ridleys laying, but also a rare Black Turtle. The best weekend I've ever spent!
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