Not too many travelers make their way to Taxco el Viejo when visiting Mexico. Those that do usually go to see the Silver Mine. Other travel spots such as Acapulco de Juarez may be more interesting to check out in the area. Know something about Taxco el Viejo? Help us out by adding your favorite places to this Taxco el Viejo travel guide.
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This is the "silver" capital of Mexico....(and the world?).  But be sure to check and see what was really made in China.  You may find iguana meat in a restaurant if you're lucky...or maybe it's just chicken.  But if they say "pollo del palo" o "pollo del arbol", then that means tree chicken, so it's iguana. Great view from the top of the clock tower. Have patience because the kids selling gum ("chicle") can be very annoying.  I wanted a t-shirt that said, "CHICLE" with a big circle and line slashed across it.  I gave a few kids some Big Red gum, and they ate it with the wrappers intact.  Oops. Still...nice town...lots of hills and walking on cobblestone, so bring the right footware!
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Taxco is known for it's history, and for it's silver. It is easy to access, I recommend taking a 1st Class bus though, it's only $3-4 more than the economy bus. Start with the Mining Museum, and then wonder along the streets, lined with shops selling silver. Some silver items have price tags and others are weighed in front of you for the price. Don't worry, the price of sterling silver is extremely resonable. The restaurants were great, especially the ones on the plaza. Don't miss Santa Prisca, the main church in town. The Alexander von Humboldt Museum, is very informative. If you are not staying the night, make sure to make it back to the bus station on time.
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When in Taxco, don't buy any silver from the shops. Head downhill and you will find yourself in one of the many silver markets. You can get all the same stuff in the shops for a 10th the price. If your in a group look around first and then try and get everything you want at the same stall, the locals are really friendly and are more than happy to bargain.
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