San Francisco Tutepetongo is a tiny village about one hour's drive from San Juan Cuicatlan (a larger city about two hours' drive from Oaxaca City).  The road to "Tute" is a small, switchback dirt road up the mountain.  The village has about 500 inhabitants.  It generally consists of a "Secondaria" (students up to age 15; the older ones who are lucky enough to go attend school in Cuicatlan during the week), "Primaria" (elementary school), a municipal building (where the "Agente" or Mayor holds hours), a basketball court, a small community grocery (other groceries are located in homes), a health clinic (with no doctors, but a few medical supplies), a tiny community library, an ever-busy basketball court, and two churches (a Catholic one and a Protestant/Pentacostalist one).  A small creek runs through the edge of town, and the town is built onto the steep side of the mountain, making some very steep streets.  Most of the families live on subsistence farming, though there are some whose family members commute to Cuicatlan or immigrate to the US (particularly to "Carolina del Norte").  The families do not have a lot of money, but there is oftentimes running water (from a large tank located at the upper edge of the village), electricity, one telephone, and latrines.  There are very few homes with electric or gas stoves/ovens; most women still cook over traditional comals and hearth fires.  There is a large abundance of grains, fruits and vegetables that grow at this climate including amaranth, corn, avocados, tomatoes, pomegranates, bananas, chayotes, and limes, amongst other things.  The people are wonderfully hospitable and curious, particularly about the US and its perceptions of Mexicans.  I lived there for a summer on the program "Amigos de las Americas."  It was an unforgettable experience.
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