Balti is among Moldova's least visited places. Travelers visiting the area usually prefer to go to other destinations such as Chisinau. Know something about Balti? Help us out by sharing your favorite places in this Balti travel guide.
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I spent there one day in May and I stayed with my friends in hotel called "Balti"- I paid about 15 euro for one night in a treble room with bathroom. The room was quite clean, there was also tv and the bathroom wasn't bad. There aren't many things to see in Balti, the town looked a little sad, but it had its strange climate- you may think that the communism has never ended there. There's a tank in the city center ;). Price of food was really cheap, you can go to some good restaurant and have great lunch or dinner for little money. Ah, and there was no problem with exchanging money.
And if you get bored with Balti you may travel to Chisinau- just catch a bus and after 2 hours you arrive in the capital city of Moldova.
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There is not much to do in Balti. Located in Northern Moldova it is a very small place and has one of Moldova`s highest drug rates. I guess if you are studiing russian it is worth travelling and there and talking to locals, since majority of Balti population are native russian speakers. Downtown Balti is kind of nice but overall you cant do much there except strolling around. As far as I know Balti has only one club, called Soho. I have been there a few times and it can get quite fun sometimes. But once again, if you dont have necessarily local friends from Balti, there is not much to do.
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There is not much to do in Balti. Located in Northern Moldova it is a very small.. (More)
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