Not too many travelers make their way to Perast when visiting Montenegro. Those that do usually go to see the Perast. Other travel spots such as Budva and Kotor may be more interesting to check out in the area. Know something about Perast? Help us out by adding your favorite places to this Perast travel guide.
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Tiny and calm village on the Montenegrin coast. It offers gorgeous views on Kotor Bay. Perast is perfect for those who want to escape from hoards of tourists in places like Budva. It is easily accessible by bus (route between Herceg Novi and Kotor). Attractions: church tower (really worth climbing- just watch your head!) and tiny island accessible by taxi boat (5 euros for return ticket).
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A beautiful small village. Perfect for peacefull holidays.
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Tiny and calm village on the Montenegrin coast. It offers gorgeous views on Kotor.. (More)
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What's there: Church And Museum
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