Many people travel to Fes to enjoy some great markets, street markets, and museums, and stopping over for at least day or two in Fes is more than worthwhile if you're traveling through Morocco. Fes is one of Morocco's more well-known travel destinations, and its most popular attractions include the Medina of Fes-al-Bali and Market. There's a lot more interesting things to see and do in Fes, so be sure check out this Fes travel guide in more detail.
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I'm going to visit Fez this summer (yes, I know it's hot, but I've no choice). What are the 'must see's ' in the city, and more important, in the surrounding region? Thanks everybody!
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get lost on the medina.

they try to make us believe that we need a guide to go around the medina but it's not true. the only thing they will do is go around with you to the shops where you don't want to by carpets. The restaurants they advice are the most expensive ones.

the best to do in fes is to get lost on the medina and try the most simple places to eat.

if you can, choose an comfortable hotel because you will need it to rest from the hot and movement of the medina.

when i was there i choose one of the less expensive hotels from the "Guide Routard" and  can say that it was difficult not to have a clean and fresh room to rest.

from my experience, the "Guide Routard" as better tips then the lonely planet, so, if ou can read in french, choose the french guide to go around marroco.

don't forget the hammam but don't let those guys make you a massage, they are so violent that you can regret it to the rest of your stay in the country.

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Fez is one of the most fascinating cities in the world; it is so diverse that each individual will find something or the other to do here. All you need to find is your area of interest and the only thing you should be open to is experimentation.
- Ibn Danan Synagogue

here some places

- Kairaouine Mosque and University
- Nejjarine Museum
- Zaouiya of Sidi Ahmed al-Tijani
- Museum of Andalusian Music
- Water Clock, part of the Bou Inania complex on Talaa Kibeera

- Besides the above given places there are many sites around Fez which are of immense historical importance and you should see them all on your visit to Fez.
- Tickle your taste buds and experience the exotic cuisine, or simply learn how to cook the sumptuous Moroccan dishes.
- Learn the Moroccan language and study the standard Arabic.
- You can also visit the tanneries of Fez, or the place where beautiful pottery is created.
- Maneuver through the streets of the Fez lost in the vibrant market place, absorbing all you can.
- Shop till you drop through out the vacation and surely you will still find it less.
- Discover new ingredients and new remedies to old ailments with Berber pharmacy in the Medina, the typical Moroccan therapy.
- Loiter around the streets of Fez and immerse yourself in the aroma of the city.
- Cherableeyeen Mosque
- Royal Palace
- Merenid Tombs
- Hammams in Fez`

Fondest Memory: i live here so i don't miss any thing i enoyed it every thing in this wonderful city.

so for more help or any information please free to contact me i will be glade to help.

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The labyrinth streets inside the city walls are a show that never ends and you never get lose. If you want help of any thing just ask there ‘re many of the things that make Fez so special plus the Mosques ,and Medersas in the medina, and it will be amazing seeing the artisans working at their workshops and the shops themselves.

The town of Fez has two differentiated sections: the Medina and la Ville The Medina is the name given to the old towns inside the ramparts In the North of Africa so inside the older Medina you will fin many thing if you want to eat or to pay things or shop or take pictures. The Medina of Fez is divided in two, the old town (Fes-l-BAli ) and the new town (Fes-l-Jdid) la Ville is great too , by the train station the taxi the bus the cafes the banks the post office , hostiles and to other many things like I said just ask.
The old town of Fez is the biggest and oldest medieval city in Africa and is love it by many people from all the world although some people said you need a map to the older Medina even it not necessary the map can take your time missing things loll.

The variety of things for sale in Fez' streets will surprise you and you will like it taking pictures with them even it will a pleasure for them, The Medina is huge, and each and every street is full of workshops and shops. They sell all kind of things like I said just ask if you want something you will got it Although there no different between tourist or local people all is the same and you will get the best stuff.
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