Kaikoura's most well-known attractions include the Whale Watch Kaikoura and Dolphin Encounter, and many people travel to Kaikoura to enjoy its great beaches, wildlife watching, and snorkeling. It's really worth staying over for at least a day or two in Kaikoura if you're traveling through New Zealand's South Island region, as Kaikoura is one of New Zealand's more popular travel destinations. Take some time to explore this Kaikoura travel guide and check out all the interesting stuff to see and do there.
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Dont just stop at the car park to see the seals, walk the whole peninsular.  Depending on the tide, walk along the beach and back over the headland, or the other way round.  Or be different, park at the southern end of the walk, its much quieter.
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Adelphi Lodge
On both of my stays in Kaikoura I have stayed in the Adelphi Lodge in Kaikoura, and have enjoyed the charm of the place, with its old photographs, and ornaments hanging on the walls, and being a Backpackers, the pricing is not too expensive. Whale Watching
Kaikoura offers fabulous Whale Watching oportunities, with options to watch whale both from a plane, or from boats. Also, at the end of the Kaikoura Peninsula is a colony of Seals that can be fun too watch. Kaikoura in General
Kaikoura has great views and activities, with the Kaikoura Mountain Ranges just West of the Township, which is built on the Kaikoura Peninsula, which juts out towards the ocean trench where the Whales swim by.
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Well known for whale watching.  I had a three or four day stay here on tour one time, stayed at a B&B type lodge run by an aussie bloke, cant for the life of me remember the name of the place, was painted kind of apricot tones.  Anyway, comfortable place, good selection of books...  Started reading "Tales of Power" there, great fireplace too btw.  The settlement itself has a couple of cool tourism based shops and you will find good coffee here somewhere.  There is a big hill to go stand on and look out to sea.  Legend has it there is a large amount of UFO activity here...  I never saw anything, but then, I never have.
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