These US governed tropical islands are located just west of the Mariana Trench – famous for being the deepest part of the Earth’s ocean. The islands are volcanic in origin and are lined with limestone terraces and coral reefs. The Mariana Islands are very well developed.  Numerous resorts, golfing greens and beaches abound. For those who want to get away from the glitz and packaged vacations.  Tinian or Rota islands are your best bet. Around the islands, numerous dive sites offer glimpses of WWII relics integrated into the coral ecosystem besides white tip sharks, parrotfish and other aquatic life.

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Saipan Island isn't a popular stop for travelers..
Navy Hill is located in Northern Mariana..
Garapan is located in Northern Mariana Islands. ..
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when my ship docked here we got a nice reception from the locals. U know the whole treatment pretty girls in those grass dresses danced for us sailors on the pier. I didnt really go off of the ship at the time because I was saving money for my little planned foray with some of the guys in hong kong. But...I heard rumors of a giant go kart track and casinos...thats all folks
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If you want to fall in love with Nature you have to travel the Pacific Islands. Saipan has a great airport, fantastic scenery and crystal clear waters for diving. Lots of wreckage left from WWII to consider while you tour the island. Don't miss the blue hole on the far side of the island from the airfield. 
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This is a most amazing small island just a couple of kilometers of the NE coast of Saipan. Catch a boat to get a ride across to spend a day on the whitest of whits beaches. Ask the boat captain to show you the submerged 2nd world war plane at 15meter depth on the way back. :-)
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This is a most amazing small island just a couple of kilometers of the NE coast of.. (More)
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Very beautiful n safe place here especially Managaha island, you must been there.. (More)
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