Flam isn't a popular stop for travelers making their way through Norway. The few that do usually go to see the Otternes. Otherwise travelers visiting the area tend to stick to more popular destinations such as Bergen. Know something about Flam? Help us out by sharing your favorite places in this Flam travel guide.
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The Flåmsbana (Flåm railway) runs from Myrdal (866 m) down to Flåm (sea level, down by the fjord) through lots of turns and tunnels, and is third steepest standard railway in the world. Very scenic. Boat connections in Flåm, connections to the Norwegian rail network in Myrdal.
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This is a really tiny village in Norway, the way to get there is absolutely beautiful, you get to take the worlds steepest railroad fom Mirdal. On the way you pass the beautifull Kjossfjossen waterfall. In Flam you can book a bed only at the heimly pensjonat, you get to bring your own sleeping bag, but this is very cheap way to stay in a comfi hotel room. The breakfast there is delicious. From from you can take really beautifull waks around the fjord and off course the ferry to explore the fjord itself. With any luck you get to see seals.
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Don´t book any excursions to enjoy the train from Flam to Myrdal, just buy the ticket at the train station by yourself and save up to 60% !!!, it is the same train same road same experience.After the coming back to Flam to by the best souvenirs for a reasonable price contact the outlet store of Sver at the station building, and of course ask for TAX FREE for add. 15% savings ;)
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