Very few travelers make their way to Cabagan when visiting the Philippines. Travelers visiting the area tend to stick to more popular places such as Baguio ( Cabagan is a unique part of your Philippine travel. It boasts a friendly group of people called the Ybanags. This part of the Philippines is very interesting with it's world famous food called "pancit Cabagan", it is never forgotten by anyone who have tried it. It is only found in Cabagan. Cabagan also has one of the old Spanish time churches founded in the 1800s. It is located close to Centro {Poblacion) area. Cabagan is full of rough terrain travel towards the mountains of Kalingga Apayao, a really long and challenging trek that only the few and the brave have tried. There is also the famous Cagayan river, just rent a boatman to take you following the river all the way to Cagayan province. Let's not forget the weekend market, one of the biggest markets in the region. This is where everyone bring their wares to barter on Saturday and Sunday all year. They have great spices and all kinds of trinkets from all over the area.
There's also the isabela State University campus in Cabagan that offer the best agricultural school in the area. Saint Paul's University (Cabagan Campus) also offer one of the biggest gymnasiums in the region. The oldest well is also found in the Campus grounds which is built by the Spaniards in the 1800's. 
Cabagan's laid back culture is also ideal for just letting time pass and hang out with the locals just sipping some local beverage and relax the day away at one of the local gatherings. All you need is to bring out some alcoholic beverages and someone will bring out the karaoke to whisk the night away with some local voices. So when in Cabagan just relax and kick back. Just do what the locals do and youll be fine. Enjoy your stay and don't be a stranger.
Below is a list of things to do:
1. Go try the World famous pancit Cabagan. It is one of the best pancit delicasies only found in the area.
2. Vist when there's a Fiesta on one of the few Barangay's of Cabagan and you will taste all the best foods Cabagan has to offer plus all the pagents and parties nightly during the fiesta which ussually lasts the whole week. The Centro area is ussually filled with carnival rides and shops open later. One of the few events you don't want to miss.
3. Rent a boatman with a boat to take you around Cagayan river. Camp on one of it's sandy beach areas and enjoy sunbathing or just swim around.
4. Fishing by Cagayan river is also a great activity. Head to the coastal area of the river and you could find boatmen to take you around fishing by the river.
5. Visit the Malasi lake which is a sanctuary for migratory birds located in barangay San Antonio and has been hailed by the DENR. The Taguinod Cattle Ranch in Sitio Carumay is an ecofriendly farm where you can find different crops, the world-famous Carabao mango and also a place to find purebred American Brahman cattle.
6. Play billiards with  Alex Pagulayan , the 2004 world champion in billiards hails from San Juan, a remote barrio of Cabagan.  Billiard hustlers ussually just hang out in town billiard halls so if you are up for the challenge then just bring your game on and play with the locals and enjoy.
7.  During Christmas, the Cabagan Square Park could be seen flashing brightly with many Christmas lights and lanterns. Cabagan's top schools are Cabagan Science Elementary School and Isabela State University Science and Technology High School.
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