Mindoro isn't a popular stop for travelers making their way through the Philippines. The few that do usually go to see the Pueto Galera. Otherwise travelers visiting the area tend to stick to more popular destinations such as Manila and Makati. Know something about Mindoro? Help us out by sharing your favorite places in this Mindoro travel guide.
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First of all: NEVER EVER go to Mindoro by boat from Busuanga to San Jose. It's just horror. You can get there from Manila easily by bus and ferry. Check-out little Puerto Galera with it's nice resorts and also lovely beaches (Tamaraw Beach as an insider tipp). If you want to something reeeally really special go to Abra de Ilog by ferry and take bus or taxi down to Sablayan. There are two islands and on one of them you can spend beautiful and relaxed vacations = Pandan North. There is only one resort on this island with swiss managers and very convenient. Perfect place for diving and snorkeling!
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