Camiguin Island attracts only a small number of travelers, who mostly stop for a short visit to see the White Island. Travelers visiting the area might want to check out some more popular nearby destinations. If you do travel to Camiguin Island, please add your favorite spots in this Camiguin Island travel guide.
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Camiguin Action Geckos dive&adventure resort is a great place. It's listed as 'our pick' in the Lonely Planet and I think that made the prices rise and the place is usually fully booked... I stayed elsewhere myself...
But it's a great place to spend te evenings, they have hammocks and a lovely restaurant, there's wifi and they offer all kinds of activities on the island, like diving. They have really good service. I did a PADI review dive because my last dive had been 3 years ago, but couldn't equalize so I had to abort my dive and they only charged me for the equipment.
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Camiguin Island is located near Mindanao Island.  Although a very small one, it boasts of its hot springs, waterfalls and beautiful beaches like the White Island where one can have a good view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok, a volcano. 

When in the island around October, you should not miss tasting its sweet lanzones, a fruit popularly grown in the island.
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Very relaxing! i've stayed here for a month during my internship! wat a great experience! stress level=0 % R&R=100% , activities: hiking, swimming, snorkeling, island hoping, & relaxing.
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