Mactan isn't a popular stop for travelers making their way through the Philippines. The few that do usually go to see the Punta Engano. Travelers making their way through the area might want to check out some more well-known nearby destinations such as Cebu City. Have you been to Mactan? Help us improve this Mactan travel guide by adding your favorite places!
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Mactan Island is just a small Island connected by 2 brigdes heading to the main Island Cebu City and Lapu lapu city. This is the Island where the airport is located. I focus on Mactan I've been there already twice by Cebu Pacific airline you can easily get there 3 times a day. Mactan has a large variety of hotels and diving shops to offer. Only to name a few: Shangrila hotel (5 star), Hilton Resort, Maribago Blue Water Resort and the amazing Plantation Bay. For details check in internet. I spent my time on Mactan instead of going to bohol which is just 2 hours away from ferry. Mactan Island has also great seafood to offer found on Mactan shrine - you can find everything from lapu lapu to crabs and hummer it's all there for you. Mactan is a great place for sure as well like other Islands like Boracay, however it's not really quiet. If you like to stay in a great hotel choose Shangrila or Plantation bay for unforgettable vacation. I've been visiting there 2 times and I just have to say "wow" if you don't see it with your own eyes you won't believe how beautiful and stunning it is. Pure eye candy for sure is plantation bay and it's worth all the money you have to pay there. Check out !
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