Siquijor receives very few travelers, and it's among the Philippines's less visited places. Other destinations in the area such as Cebu City may be more interesting to pay a visit. Know something about Siquijor? Help us out and add to this Siquijor travel guide.
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Coral Cay Resort- San Juan, Siquijor Discover Coral Cay Resort in the heart of the Philippines. You’ll find an island resort filled with activities and adventure. Experience fantastic ocean diving, outriggers, kayaks, volleyball, mountain biking, billiards, mini gym and much more on our tropical island paradise. Enjoy comfortable, spacious cottages overlooking the sea with prices designed for all budgets. Featuring international cuisine and cocktails served with a smile. Just imagine yourself watching the tropical sunset through gently swaying palms. Coral Cay is an eco-sensitive, environmentally responsible, low impact resort that blends with its natural environment and people. It is a perfect place to simply relax, unwind, and chill out. The island of magic, with it’s pristine white beaches and warm wonderful people, will stay in your heart forever. The resort staff will ensure that your island vacation becomes a memory that you will never forget.
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