Konstancin-Jeziorna is not really a tourist destination, and it's among Poland's less visited places. Travelers passing through the area usually stick to more popular destinations such as Warsaw, Warszawa, and Lodz. Know something about Konstancin-Jeziorna? Please share what you know by adding to the Konstancin-Jeziorna travel guide.
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Konstancin isn't the best place to stay for young people, there's not much to do. But if You need a rest or medical treatment it might be pretty good for You, because it's calm and there's a leisure centre. It's close to Warsaw, which is an advantage if You want to go out in the evenings. Altough I don't advise You to go toWarsaw early in the morning or in the afternoon, because of the awful traffic jams! In Konstancin itself, there is a park with a graduation tower (good for asthmatics) and a stage, where there are concerts on Sundays in the summer(You have to get there early enough, otherwise You won't be able to see completely anything, because the place for the audience was built badly and there's not many seats). Better don't take the night buses, cause they might be dangerous after 10p.m. There are not many restaurants in Konstancin, maybe 4 or 5 and maybe one or two are good. There is a lovely cafeteria along one of the main roads, which serves delicious cakes and icecream - I'd consider it one of the best places to be in Konstancin. There are also some small and nice hotels. There's one tiny hotel in the western side of Konstancin, which I like a lot. In Konstancin You can walk a lot, it's practically set in a forest. There are also a lot of beautiful houses there, it's a shame some of them aren't restored. Before the communist times this little town was super exclusive, many famous people lived here e.g. the best recognized chocolate company owner Emil Wedel, a writer Stefan Żeromski. Konstancin is still tought to be a prestigious place to live, altough it seems to be falling apart and it seems it's not well handled by the loval authorities.
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there is one major line leading to town, it's bus line 710.
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Konstancin isn't the best place to stay for young people, there's not much to do... (More)
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