Aguadilla is a city located in northwestern Puerto Rico. Aguadilla is known as the Village of the Eye of Water, Town of the Sharks, and the New Garden of the Atlantic.  It was founded in 1775 and is best known for its beaches and surfing.

Attractions include the (largest in the Caribbean) aquatic theme park (Parque Acuático Las Cascadas), and the Aguadilla Ice Skating Area (the only ice skating rink in the Caribbean).


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Aguadilla is known as La Villa del Ojo de Agua (village of the eye of water). Aguadilla is also known as El Pueblo de los Tiburones (town of the sharks), and recently El Nuevo Jardín del Atlántico (the new garden of the Atlantic). Aguadilla was founded in 1775 by Luis de Córdova. Aguadilla derives its name from a name given by the Indians Guadilla or Guadiya which means garden. Location of Aguadilla
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Aguadilla is best known to visitors for its beaches. Aguadilla's most popular surfing beaches include Crash Boat, famous for it's crystal clear waters, Gas Chambers, and Wilderness. Among Aguadilla's main attractions you will find the popular Parque Acuático Las Cascadas (tel. 787-819-1030), a modern aquatic theme park, the biggest in the Caribbean and the Merendero, with a beautiful view of the town's bay and the nearby Desecheo islet. The town center is known as Plaza de Recreo, located in front of the old catholic church and the Alcaldía (Major's House). Another o`f Aguadilla's attractions is the Ojo de Agua (water eye), this is an underground fresh water source that anciently was used by the Aguadilla Harbor in times of Spanish Occupation. The city is also home of the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena (tel. 787-819-5555), the only ice skating facility in the Caribbean region. Aguadilla was home of the Ramey Air Force Base and its former base airport was converted into Rafael Hernandez Airport, considered one of the most active commercial airports on the island. The paved runway extends for 11,701 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 238 feet at a distance of about 3 miles from Aguadilla, owned by Puerto Rico Ports Authority. The Punta Borinquen Lighthouse, built in 1889, has been designated a historic site worthy of preservation by the National Register of Historic Places. Aguadilla territory is mostly flat because the city it is located on the Western Costal Valley, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of Aguada and Moca; and west of Isabela. Aguadilla highest peak is Jimenez Peak (222mt, 728 ft) and the largest river is Culebrinas. The town is a processing and trading center for agricultural products such as: sugar, coffee, fruits, tobacco, and cotton. There are many well-known "aguadillaños", among them:

Land Area: 92.3 sq km (36.59 sq mi)
Water Area: 38.97 sq mi
Population: 64,685
Density: 700.8 per sq km (1,826.9 per sq mi)
Housing Units: 24,882
Housing Density: 680.0
Per Capita Income: $6,996
Source: 2000 Census
Hymn: Playita Aguadillana
Driving Distance: 86.8 miles *
Driving Time: 2 hours, 7 minutes *
Barrios (wards) (16):
  • Aguacate
  • Aguadilla Pueblo
  • Arenales
  • Borinquén
  • Caimital Alto
  • Caimital Bajo
  • Camaceye
  • Ceiba Alta
  • Ceiba Baja
  • Corrales
  • Guerrero
  • Maleza Alta
  • Maleza Baja
  • Montaña
  • Palmar
  • Victoria
1.   Aguadilla Bowling Center
Location: Rt. 2 Km 129
Aguadilla, PR 00603  
Phone: (787) 891-3495
2.   Aguadilla Shopping Mall
  Aguadilla Shopping Mall features anchor stores like Kmart, Capri, and Amigo, plus more than 70 stores. Open Mon-Thu 9am-7pm, Fri-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 11am-5pm.
Location: Rt. 2, Km. 126.5
Aguadilla, PR 00603  
Phone: (787) 882-0014
3.   Christopher Columbus Park
  The Christopher Columbus Park is located in a small forest at the southernmost beach of Aguadilla. The park harbors a romantic boardwalk along the beach.
Location: Aguadilla 
4.   Crash Boat Beach
  A popular surfing and sports beach located just north of Aguadilla on the west coast.
Location: Route 458 end, off Route 107
5.   La Ponderosa Beach
Location: Aguadilla 
6.   La Poza Beach
Location: Aguadilla 
7.   Las Cascadas Aquatic Theme Park
  The biggest aquatic theme park of the Caribbean, the park offer different attractions such as: the Crazy River, The Giant Waterslides and the Wave Pool to mention a few. Located on Highway #2 in front of the city stadium. Adults $15.95, children $13.95.
Location: Carr 2 Km. 126.5
Aguadilla, PR 00603  
Phone: (787) 819-1030
8.   Pro-bowl Recreational Center
Location: Aguadilla 
Phone: (787) 890-1320
9.   Punta Borinquen Golf Course
  Built in 1940 for the US Air Force golf aficionados stationed at the former Ramey Base, this course was played by such well-known generals as Dwight D. Eisenhower. Course designed by Pete Dye around 1940. Punta Borinquen is now a public golf course. Green Fees: $31 weekdays, $33 on weekends. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am - 6:00pm.
Location: Golf Station
Aguadilla, PR 00604  
Phone: (787) 890-2987
Fax (787) 890-1196
10.   Punta Borinquen Lighthouse
  The Punta Borinquen Lighthouse was built in 1889, has been designated a historic site worthy of preservation by the National Register of Historic Places.
Location: Aguadilla 
Phone: (787) 891-1005
11.   Punta Borinquen
  Four tennis courts.
Location: Aguadilla 
Phone: (787) 890-2987
12.   Rafael Hernández Monument
  Monument to the memory of such as composer Rafael Hernández, considered one of the most important figures in 20th-century popular Puerto Rican music.
Location: Aguadilla 
Phone: (787) 891-1005
13.   Tropical Trail Rides
  Guided tours of secluded beaches, tropical forests, cliff caves and more. Paso fino horses for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Offering a variety of possibilities for your horseback riding adventure.
Location: 703 Belt Road Suite 117
Aguadilla, PR 00603  
Phone: (787) 782-9256
Fax (787) 872-9256
14.   Alicia Sotomayor Art Home Studio
  Original watercolors and prints.
Location: Carr. 107 Interior Km 3.5
Aguadilla, PR 00603  
Phone: (787) 997-4877
15.   Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena
  The arena is the only ice skating facility in the Caribbean region. The facility opened its doors in 2005 and is owned and administered by the City of Aguadilla. Open daily from 9:40 am to 11:00 pm. Admissions: $10-$13. Credit cards accepted.
Location: Paseo Colón, Plaza Plácido Acevedo, Carr. 442 Km. 4.2
Aguadilla, PR 00605  
Phone: (787) 819-5555
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If your traveling to Aguadilla  be sure to check out El Masan its a great place to eat with variety to choose from!!
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is cute!!!!!!!! i love ir because is far away from home!!!!... and haves the Aguadilla Ice Skating!!!!!
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