Few travelers choose to stop at Orocovis when traveling to Puerto Rico, and those that do usually only make a brief stop to see the Montaña de Orocovis. Other places in the area such as San Juan may be more interesting to explore. If you do travel to Orocovis, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Orocovis travel guide.
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Orocovis is known as "El Pueblo Corazón" (heart town). Orocovis was founded in 1825 by Juan Rivera de Santiago. Derives its name from a local Indian Chief Orocovix (Orocobix). Location of Orocovis
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Orocovis is located in the Central Mountain Range, north of Villalba and Coamo; south of Morovis and Corozal; southeast of Ciales; east of Jayuya; and west of Barranquitas.

Land Area: 164 sq km (63.0 sq mi)
Water Area: 0.17 sq mi
Population: 24,516
Density: 145.5 per sq km /(378.4 per sq mi)
Housing Units: 7,946
Housing Density: 125.2
Per Capita Income: $4,637
Source: 2000 Census
Hymn: Mi patria es una bella isla...
Wards: Ala de Piedra, Barros, Bauta Abajo, Bauta Arriba, Bermejales, Botijas, Cacaos, Collores, Damián Arriba, Gato, Mata de Caña, Orocovis, Pellejas, Pueblo, Sabana and Saltos.
Driving Distance: 49.3 miles *
Driving Time: 1 hour, 38 minutes *
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