Brazzaville is located in Republic of the Congo's Brazzaville region. It sees only a few travelers, and it's among Republic of the Congo's least visited destinations. Travelers passing through the area usually stick to more well-known travel spots. Know something about Brazzaville? Help us out and add to this Brazzaville travel guide.
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If you decide to cross from Brazza to Kinshasa, be aware that: 1) you'll need different currency in Kinshasa - Brazza uses the CFA Franc (FCFA) which is valid in various West & Central African countries. Kinshasa uses Congolese francs. 2) If you're planning to come back to Brazza, you should check your entry visa for Congo-B - if it doesn't allow multiple entries, you'll have to pay for another one to get back because even though you're only going a couple of miles, and the 2 cities are almost one, you're leaving the country. 3) It's worth paying someone (trustworthy!) to go to the river port with your passport and get your DRC visa in advance, as it can be a long wait for one if you try to get it when you arrive at the port.
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Brazzaville and Kinshasa (capital of DR Congo) are the 2 closest capital cities in the world. To cross between them you'll need a visa - and make sure your visa for the country you're leaving is valid for multiple entries, otherwise you'll have to get a new one to come back, too. To get across, the cheap option is the ferry, but it stands until it's full enough to go, and many of the places have minimal shade, so be prepared for a long wait and wear sunscreen! Alternatively, you can ride across in a speedboat as the only passenger - as of late 2007 this cost about GB£ 120.
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Brazzaville seemed safe to walk around by day, though it is hot and the place seems abandoned bigtime. Nobody hassled me at all around the centre, which is good news.
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Beautiful scenery, but dangerous.  Charter through reputable company stateside well.. (More)
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