San Marino Natural Environment

Geography of San Marino 
San Marino, with an area of only 61.2 sq km, is a sovereign republic surrounded between the regions of Emilia Romagna and Marche within Italy.  It is located on top of a mountain range in the Apennines mountains.  The town of Mount Titano, at 748 m above sea level, is the highest point of the country.  The country does not have water resources or level land for cultivation.

Its capital is San Marino; there are eight municipalities: Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Chiesanuova, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, Montegiardino and Serravalle.

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San Marino Climate 

The republic has a Mediterranean climate; but as it is located in a fairly high elevation the summers are warm and dry, and the winters are cool and wet.

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San Marino, San Marino
Ok, this will be a short one, half way to the top of San Marino, there is the place which us locals call "Il birraio" (The beer guy), this guy has something like 100 beers to choose out of, and if you're not an expert , :-P , he'll teach you how to drink them (eg. how long they have to rest, temperature.. ). Ok, beer apart, the best thing is that if you hapen to be there on sat's or fry's between 7pm and 9pm you will find loads of free food. What we italians call "aperitivo" ! The place is great, the beer is not expensive and for my modest opinion is one of the best in the rimini-san marino area. You can find the place coming down from old san marino just after the Mc'Donalds on your right hand side.
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