Jiddah attracts a decent number of travelers visiting Saudi Arabia, and it can be worth stopping by if you're traveling through the area. Most travelers go to check out the Fountain and enjoy Jiddah's beaches and swimming. Explore this Jiddah travel guide to get more ideas for things to see and do.
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O.K., you have made your way this far...head to the beach. You have to check out the Red Sea. Just stand on the beach...look as far as you can see...and ponder how the waters could be parted. Moses certainly performed a miracle. After years of reading about the Red Sea in the Bible, it is very cool to see it up close.
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Enjoy a sunset on Corniche. The women should wear their Abayas (the black dress) almost everywhere, except inside the residential compounds. The Spa massages, pool, gym e.t.c in the hotels are for men only unless they have it especially for women.
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Avoid travel close to City Center on Thursdays (their Saturday). Traffic gets routed one-way to the public punishments. Saudis are only too happy to have westerners witness their brand of justice, which is usually a bit gorey.
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