Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan Spanish cities and was home to the 1992 Summer Olympics.  It is Spain’s second largest city and the capital of the Catalunya region.   The heart of Barcelona is La Rambla, a pedestrian street that is full of life with many performers and markets.  Barcelona also has an excellent medieval Gothic Quarter with ancient buildings and narrow, twisting passageways.  Art and archeticture plays a prominent role with the Picasso Museum and Gaudi’s buildings, including the famous Sagrada Familia.  Finally, there is the Montjuic (Mount of the Jews), overlooking Barcelona’s port and containing great views.
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Is there any good suggestion for a short stay in Barcelona? that's my next target :)
I'm planning to visit Barcelona, I'll be there for a weekend, have you any tips for me? Thank you!
What should i see if i have three days in barcelona?
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Having lived in BCN for seven good years, i will need to focus on a few insider tips: 1. Go to Sarria: a former village now enclosed in upper Barcelona. Beautiful, relaxed, few tourists and great bars/restaurants including Bar Tomas, famed for its Patatas Bravas (and little else) 2. For nightlife amongst the locals (and not just the tourists and expats hanging around the old town) go to the area around Maria Cubi and Santalo 3. For a lovely walk overlooking my favourite town take a hike op the hills and walk on the Carretera de les Aigues (busy with locals on Sundays, but always bring your own water) or go for a longer walk in the Parc de Colserola straddling the hills 4. My favourite restaurants: Agua, Barceloneta, Ciudad Condal, La Polpa ... and sooooo many more 5. Summer festival: Grec
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BCN juste incroyable!!! une ville de fête, riche en culture, pleine de trésors architecturaux...juste un régal! inoubliable et indémodable!
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I stayed in Barcelona for a week in November 2006. My friend and I rented an apartment in Las Ramblas and had a blast. If you are looking to stay up late, meet great people and drink, then this is the neighborhood for you. It's almost impossible to sleep with all the street activity, so you're forced to join in, or lie in your bed pissed off. We chose the 'join in' route and stayed up until about 6am each day. Bars are everywhere, though they are tending to get a bit trendy instead of traditional. There is a great open air market that sells fresh vegetables/ fruits, tapas, kitchen gadgets, fresh seafood, flowers, bread and cheese. we shopping there when we could and did all of our own cooking in the apartment. If you stay in Las Ramblas don't eat at the restaurants that have sidewalk tables. While it was reasonably priced, the food wasn't good, or authentic. Those were great places for sangria and beer, though. I highly recommend going onto craigslist and finding your own rental. It's much less expensive, you have your own kitchen and bathroom and you have no hotel curfews. This goes for Paris and Rome, as well. The locals were extremely friendly and gracious. We were warned about pickpocketing children, just like in every large European city, but we carried small over the shoulder/ across the chest purses that we were easily in control of. Must visit Parc Guell on the hill! We chose to walk, which was quite a trek, but we also got to see some wonderful architecture along the way. When you get to Parc Guell you will immediately appreciate it's beauty and creativity; almost dr. Seuss-like with the bonus of a great view of the city and ocean. To get the most street cred, bring skirts, pants and shoes that are in fashion. I stay away from shorts and tennis shoes. That's a total give-away and you can't blend in as a local. Pack lightly; it's pretty warm and you can hand wash your clothes without issue. It's hard to cart around two pieces of luggage on cobble stone. It is a hilly city, so be prepared for walking. They have a great transportation system, but I felt like I would miss out on something if I didn't walk everywhere. If the Picasso museum is still on display see it! I typically don't recommend spending vacation time on something you can see in a book, but this exhibit was worth it. I have been to Madrid and the Canary Islands before and didn't think much of them, but Barcelona is completely different. I would go back in a heartbeat and I would feel safe going alone. Memorize the maps and know the names of the streets before you go; reading a map in public makes you a target to unwanted children and men. Being lost is okay if you don't have an appointment. It also brings you to sites you may have overlooked. My best advise is to absorb everything; sights, sounds, scents, tastes and appreciate the relaxed approach to life.
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