Merida attracts only a small number of travelers, who mostly stop for a visit to see the Museum. Otherwise those traveling through the area generally visit the more popular destinations. If you do travel to Merida, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Merida travel guide.
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Merida is an amazing little town packed with full with history. It is well worth 1,5-2 days of your time. I guess if you plan everything carefully or if you drop some of the smaller things you can cram it into 1 day. 

I would recommend to buy an "entrada conjunta". This combi-ticket is much cheaper than paying for the entrance of 2 or 3 sites seperatly. With this ticket you can see:


-Casa Anfiteatro

-Santa Eulalia


-Casa Mitreo/Columbarios

-Zona Arqueológica de Moreria

-Circo Romano

Together with the ticket you get a little booklet with some additional information on the more important sites. In the booklet there is also a little map indicating all the historical sites and museums in town, and there are quiet a few. When I was there, in 2007, I bought the ticket for 6 euros but that was the cheaper version because I had my student card with me.

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Don't go there on August 15th, almost everthing was closed! And it is a beautiful roman town, well worth seeing...
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Hay muchos restos de la cultura romana en la ciudad dignos de ver, como por ejemplo el anfiteatro.
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Merida is an amazing little town packed with full with history. It is well worth.. (More)
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What's there: Archaeological Museum, Early Medieval, Museum, Visigoths
What's there: Archaeological Museum, Museum, Roman
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What's there: Arabic, Excavation Site, Roman
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What's there: Excavation, House, Roman
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