Murcia has some nice monuments and churches, and a decent number of travelers making their way through Spain stop by Murcia to check them out. The most popular attraction in Murcia is the C/ JaboneríAs. Take some time to explore this Murcia travel guide to find out more about what to see and do, as it could be worth a visit.
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If you are a traveler or taking a vacation wants to enjoy Mediterranean climate, semi arid type, smooth winter and warm summer then the place called Murcia is perfect.  This place is the capital city of Autonomous Community of the region of Murcia, Spain. It is the 12th largest metropolitan area of the country.

Here some of the sites and tourist activity of the place

  • The Roman theatre
  • Churches, Convent
  • Murcian market-Garden
  • Murcia Cathedral

The Walk- this term is popular in these place, because this place is more and good city for strolling around.

One of the famous spot here and famous accommodation at the dame time is the hotel siete coronas. This Hotel Siete Coronas is luxury modern hotel built in 1971 and conference centre. One of the assets of this hotel is the location where all the neighbor attraction is just near the place. They term some of the tourist is the foot guest because all the location is just a walking distance from the hotel.

This unique place is dependent of its own fruits and market garden as very important to the Murcian economy. Not just a nice spot and historical building you can witness in these place but the natural and organic product they have. Another favorite of this place is the Murcian tapa.

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If you can handle the heat, Murcia is a great place to go for open air concerts in July.
There is the San Javier Jazz festival in this month where stars such as George Benson, Roberta Flack, Maceo Parker, Solomon Burke play in an open air auditorium in a park in San Javier. The tickets are rarely over 20€ and you can drink and eat there (there is a bar). It is also quite small compared to big city concert halls and it makes for an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in the open air on a summer's night.
You can find programs and buy tickets on
In the same month, there is also a World Music festival in Cartagena (Murcia).
This is fantastic too. There is a different country as the theme each year (2009 is Morocco) and they mix music from the stars of this country with other international acts. The auditorium is open air at the top of a mountain with fantastic views of the Roman ruins of an auditorium just below it and there usually follows another concert in a Moorish castle above this.
There is a great atmosphere here and fantastic views and you usually get 5 hours of concert with some really eclectic mixes of musicians for under 20€!
Tickets can be bought from
In the very same month in Lorca (Murcia) there is an open air music festival in the site of the castle of Lorca with different acts (mainly rock) every year.
For music lovers the world over, this is a great opportunity for tourism and music, all rolled into one!
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There are three "worth to see" music festivals in Murcia Region trough the year. The first one is: Murcia tres culturas. Runs normally in may-june and its program is based on Arabian, Jewish and Christian folk music. It happens in Murcia city. The second one: La mar de Musicas. This is a big world music festival with every year another guest country. It runs in July in Cartagena city. And the last one, for the flamenco Lovers: festival de cante de las minas . Probably the best flamenco festival of Spain. It runs in La Union (little city near by Cartagena) in August, when the temperature in Murcia can reach the 50 degrees celsius, so i only recommend this for the crazy spain fans. Me myself i couldn`t do it :)
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