Very few travelers make their way to Albina when visiting Suriname. Other travel spots may be more interesting to visit in the area. If you do travel to Albina, please add your favorite places in this Albina travel guide.
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Albina, a little town just on the Maroni river, the river beetween Surinam and French Guyana, in front of Saint Laurent du Maroni in france. A special place beetween two world, the first one is very poor, and very cheap, Surinam, and the second, is very rich, and expensive, France.

Beetween both, only  5 minutes with a little a boat...but how many people die in the river to cross by night to became french....

A lot of people wait for you on the both side to bringh you on the other you go on a nice boat, a little woody one, really colored !

ANd then , a few minutes later, you are in Surinam, it's better for you if you have a VISA for surinam, so must go to show your paper to soldiers...even if you haven't VISA, prey GOD, that have'nt got a soldier will stay a longer time in surinam....

Albina is only a way to go inside of Surinam, and a lot of cab can drive you to Paramaribo, the most important city ! ANd it's nice...not really expensive but a little dangerous because of drivers and roads...

At the end, Albina, is the way to come back in french Guyana, buy Saint laurent...! Where you will wait for another cab to go back to cayenne, but you will wait for a long time, there is nothing to say more about Albina, in Surinam, South America !
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