Paramaribo is a modestly visited destination located in Suriname. People who travel to Paramaribo typically go to see the Palmentuin and enjoy its parks and sun tanning, which can be worth a visit. Find out more about what you can see and do in this Paramaribo travel guide.
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Getting here:  There are flights from Amsterdam and Aruba via Trinidad and Tobago.  Not surprisingly most of the tourists here are from the Netherlands.  You can also go overland by minibus or shared taxi to Guyana or French Guiana. 

The ferry from Guyana to Suriname only runs once a day, supposedly at 11AM and was $10.  From Suriname to French Guiana, there are 2-3 ferries a day but you can take a motorized canoe across at any time, just make sure to get your passport stamped on both sides when doing this.

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A lot of the cheaper accomodations are not on the official tourist credited places. If you want a bargain, walk down the streets and ask the guesthouses how much, because the cheapest ones aren't listed. The food wasn't as good as we had heard, but the atmosphere you eat in is amazing. Beautiful and tropical surrounded by old Dutch buildings. Very cool city. Check out the Palmentuin.
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Officially Dutch speaking, yet everyone can speak English. People are very open and receptive towards foreigners, and it is easy to get invited for visiting folks at home, or to a wedding or something similar. Suriname despite its geographical location is culturally mostly influenced by the Caribbean
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Go into the jungle, to the Voltzberg or Raleigh Falls
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