Mbabane has some nice shopping and wildlife watching, and a decent number of travelers making their way through Swaziland stop by Mbabane to check them out. The most popular attraction in Mbabane is the Mliliwane. Take some time to explore this Mbabane travel guide to find out more about what to see and do, as it could be worth a visit.
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We always went to Swaziland driving from Maputo, via Namaacha. Mbabane was a nice small town. Well kept, clean, a fresh air from what could then be called as one of the best spots in Africa. No holes on the road, sugar cane and other crops cultivated, lots of forest on the hills, really a very nice country. Polite and friendly people, no crime, no messing around. People wearing traditional outfits on their daily lives, which was rather surprising considering they weren't that many. And, at Mbabane, I had what was very likely the best steak in my life!

We stayed at Mountain Inn. A quite place, nice rooms, great swimming-pool and a awesome view from the bedroom at fair prices.

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The Swazi capital is a bit of a quaint charged place ... on the one hand you have highly traditional set-ups (including the king in his Swazi costume and his string of wives and concubines) and on the other hand, glitzy night bars (with tourists, casinos, pole dancers and hookers) ... do visit the museum where you will get a glimpse of traditional Swazi dwellings and history...

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If you want to stay a bit in the wild, I really recommend Sondzela backpackers in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Go to Ngwenya (spelling?) and watch the glas factory, they also have souvenirs and chocolat =) To see a traditional Swazi living go to Mantenga and the Swazi Cultural Village. Twice a day you can see the traditional Swazi dances and perhaps even dance yourself  =) For good food I really recommend "Finesse" in Mbabane, any steak with the jacket potato is really nice.
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If you want an absolutely fantastic meal in Swaziland, one thats traditional Swazi.. (More)
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We always went to Swaziland driving from Maputo, via Namaacha. Mbabane was a nice.. (More)
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One of the most beautiful places on earth!
NEVER drive there after dark. Roads.. (More)
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