A decent number of travelers choose to make their way out to Visby when traveling through Sweden. Visby has some nice beaches and swimming, and its most well-known attraction, the Visby, could be worth a visit. Check out this Visby travel guide for more ideas on what to see and do, as it can be worth a stopover.
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Hire a bike to see the place properly - readily available. If you can catch the ferry to see this stunning place, then do, it's well worth the effort. Avoid the masses of Swedes who take advantage of the cheap booze on the ferry and don't make the effort to get off the ferry once the get there. Means the place is kept quiet and undisturbed. Very photogenic.
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Spend a few hours on the grass next to the old wall in Visby on a summer's day. It's a lovely area to sit with a good view of the city walls and the coast. Perfect for a picnic.
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Visby is verry cosy and popular in the summer (people in Sweden says it looks like Greece and I agree). A tip is to rent a bike and take a glass by the harbor.
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Hire a bike to see the place properly - readily available. If you can catch the.. (More)
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