Drottningholm attracts only a small number of travelers, who mostly stop for a visit to see the Kungliga Slottet. Otherwise those traveling through the area generally visit the more popular destinations such as Stockholm and Uppsala. If you do travel to Drottningholm, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Drottningholm travel guide.
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The Drottningholm Palace - Home of the Swedish Royal Family.  You can take pictures on the grounds however I don't remember if you can take photos inside the palace. On the grounds of the Palace is also their private theater.  This theater is the oldest theater in the world.  The theater is a guided tour and if you are lucky you may see backstage.  Actual performances are given in the theater so look at the performance schedule. Also on the grounds is the Chinese Pavilion and The Guards Tent.  I did not go into either one of these so you will need to luck up the website of the palace. There is a gift shop available.
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The Drottningholm Palace - Home of the Swedish Royal Family. You can take pictures.. (More)
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