Tan-shui is located in Taiwan's Southern Taiwan region. It's not much of a tourist destination, and other destinations in this area may be more interesting to visit. If you've been to Tan-shui, help us make this Tan-shui travel guide better by adding your favorite spots!
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I really like this city =) Specially after I heard the music from a taiwanese rock band named Wu Yue Tien (that mean Mayday) that's about two lovers, a kind of romantic place to walk on the afternoon =) because of it's nice view. Tan-shui, i am not sure of what it really means, but the caracters have a lot to do with water, so its maybe reffered to the lake that has the same name. By the lake, and the people riding bikes, flying kites.. Its really nice! A good place to relax. And also enjoy some of the food of Taiwan, because there's also a street market near by. And, you can take the subway to get there quikly. But by bike its also a really good experience =)
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