Bangkok is an amazing city that is the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is a bustling city that has 12 million people in the Metropolitan area and is an easy introduction to Asia.   Some people call it Asia with training wheels since it is easy to navigate and full of amazing sights and food.  Some of the top sights in Bangkok include the beautiful Buddhist temple Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace, formerly home to the King of Thailand.   There is also the Chatuchak Weekend Market (the largest in the world), and the famous Khaosan Road backpacker district.  Bangkok is a synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures that you have to see to believe.
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What is a real must see in Bangkok ?
What are the best islands to see Thailand? islands that have something to see and do other then sand and water???
My hubby and I have been planning a trip to Thailand for almost 2yrs. But now there's all the protesting and rioting going on in Bangkok. Does anyone know if thats going on throughout the country, or mainly just in Bangkok? I've found a flight directly into Phuket without having to stop in Bangkok, do you think it'd be okay to travel to Thailand if I stay away from Bangkok?
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Bangkok is the best place for cheap shopping of all kinds.  They are renowned for their authentic-looking rip-off designer goods, and clothing is amazingly cheap.  Best markets/places to go include:  Chat Tu Chak (although it is really hot and crowded & can become overwhelming), Sum Lum Night Bazaar is good for a night out,  MBK (Mahboonkrong) Center sells great bags and clothes (and is wonderfully air-conditioned), but by far the best place for shopping (and just to check out the scene) is Patpong.  It is certainly the Thai experience. I kinda hate Bangkok, as it is a falling down mess, but the shopping and food are unbeatable.  I suggest being adventurous & buying from the street sellers... they really make the best food although it looks dodgy.  Great places to visit are: The Royal Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and taking an hour or so train to the abandoned city of Ayutthaya (although I suggest seeing Ayutthaya before ever going to Cambodia for Angkor Wat).  After Angkor Wat, Ayutthaya is quite disappointing.
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Experienced shoppers will notice a sometimes discrete rubbing of money across merchandise by vendors just after a sale. This is money from their first sale of the day and it means good luck for the rest of their day. Be aware during opening hours that these merchants are eager for their first sale and may quickly reduce their price before you even counter offer. Don't exploit this and make tourists look greedy for a few cents. Just be aware of it and try not to engage the seller unless you really are interested in buying the item. It may look like superstition to you, but it's religion to them. You can tell if you're their first shopper by how attentive they are.
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Advise is to bargain for everything from the moment you get off the plane never take  the price that is first offered to you. A thai friend told me to take  70 percent off what they tell you and  and after working out a price you will find you  you have paid 50% less then the price you where quoted.   Its all part of the fun of being on holiday a fantstic country cant wait to go back.
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