Grande Riviere is located in Trinidad and Tobago's Trinidad region. It's not much of a tourist destination, and other travel spots such as Port-of-Spain may be more interesting to explore in this area of Trinidad and Tobago. If you do travel to Grande Riviere, please add your favorite places in this Grande Riviere travel guide.
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The main reason people will travel to Grande Riviere, is to see the giant leatherback turtles come up to lay their eggs, which usually occurs between April and August each year. There's a few hotel's in the area, and I've stayed at the one on the beach twice (can't remember its name ...) - it's open aired (ie. no air conditioning), and has a very relaxed atmosphere. Once you get there, it's easy to forget you're in Trinidad ... the pace of life here is so laid back, it feels more like Tobago.  Also, the drive there through the rainforrest on the narrow and winding road, is well worth it if you like getting off the beaten track.   The area certainly isn't over-run with tourism, and makes for a very relaxed weekend.   Of course, the hilight definitely is the turtles, and I found the best time to go was around June, when you can be lucky enough to see some of the nests laid early in the season hatching, and also still see turtles coming up on to the beach at night to lay eggs. If you find youself in Trinidad, then definitely make sure you get a chance to visit Grande Riviere (it takes a surprisingly long time to get there, given the size of the island ... allow at least 3 hours from Port of Spain, and make sure you spend the night there).
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