Not too many travelers make their way to Canakkale when visiting Turkey. Those that do usually go to see the Truva. Otherwise travelers visiting the area generally stick to more well-known destinations. If you do travel to Canakkale, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Canakkale travel guide.
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go gallipoli peninsula,bozcaada,assos,behramkale,gökçeada,truva. eat sea food in the seaside restaurants. stay in the pensions around the peninsula. try regional olive and ezine cheese. 
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Cannakale is a great place to stay for a resort- style accomodation on the Aegean.  It's a small, peaceful area with resorts strung along the beach for miles.  Great for relaxing after visiting Gallipoli!
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It is a shame that most people come here at ANZAC time as I went at ANZAC time in the 70's and experienced it without the 12,000 plus people.  go another time for this surreal experience.
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