Jinja isn't a particularly well-known destination within Uganda, but it does receive a few travelers, most of whom make a brief stop to see the Source of the Nile. Generally, travelers visiting the area tend to stick to more popular destinations such as Kampala. If you do travel to Jinja, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Jinja travel guide.
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Kingfisher Safaris Lodge does not intend to grow very big and get involved in mass tourism. It wants to be an exclusive, environmental and cultural friendly tourism business. ...i'd say it's not realy a backpacker's hotel..but if you're visiting the source of the nile, it s not quite far to walk, and you just have to pay very little money to use the great swimmingpool and you get a great view of the victoria lake!
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Anyone visiting Jinja must go to the Source of the Nile.  The Nile River begins in Jinja and it was humbling to go there and see/ride on such a river.  One can also stay at the campgrounds nearby, where tents, log cabins, a small restaurant, and bungee jumping are located.  (Forgot the name unfortunately.)  Walk around the town, it's nice. Also visit the open-air markets and shop to your heart's content.
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If you're stayin in the city of Jinja and want to go to the source of the nile, ask someone which matutu (comunity bus) goes to the nile breweries. one has to pay the driver in the bus. At the breweries, take a bodaboda (one of these motoroller taxis), it's maybe a 20min ride with the bodaboda and reaaaly nice! Don't forgot to bargain bout the price! they mostly ask twice or thrice too much!
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