Donets'k is one of Ukraine's least visited destinations. Those traveling through the area might want to check out some more traveled destinations nearby. If you do travel to Donets'k, please write about it in this Donets'k travel guide.
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  • ATM machines are available throughout the city and at some of those it is possible to choose currency: hryvna, dollars or euros; but best to have some cash with you for emeregency cases as it is easy to find exchange points - at any bank.
  • There are theaters in the city, although language is of course a problem; same goes about movie theaters; it is possible to visit a few museums, the most interesting is Historical Museum (Krajevedchesky Musei) as it tells about the history of the region;
  • there are restaurants mainly around the center of the city, but for the "spoiled" western traveler the choice is not so diverse; best suggestion for "real" local food (good quality and inexpensive) is to go to the small "restaurant" at the Krytyi Rynok (the market in the center), but best done around lunch time as this is the time when the main meal of the day is eaten;
  • there is a 4-5 star hotel in the center Donbass Palace - it is very nice, but pricey; another one is Hotel Ukraine a bit further on the same street - Artjom street - it is good quality basic accomodation, but will get you through the night; there also many other hotels, mostly in the center or around train station;
  • there is no need to bring too much with you as it is possible to buy almost everything - maybe not the exact brand you wish - in local stores and supermarkets; and the rpices are reasonable;
  • public transportation works well, although it might take a it of investigation as to how it works: there are no readily available maps or guides; best os to aks a local to explain; there is no metro, but there are trams, trolley buses, busses, "marshrutka" - a cross between a bus and a taxi, and of course taxi is available and plenty; fastest and most convenient is taxi; to rent a car might be possible but this is still a novel service and I noticed this only at the airport
  • the best way to learn about the city is with help of locals; at first glance one might decide there is not that much to the city, but with someone who knows what to see and where to go and can supplement this with stories and explanations the city can be seen in a completely different light
  • women travellers should be in gerenral safe; it is of course best to be alert and not gullible, not to accept advances of complete strangers, etc. But I suppose these are universal rules, otherwise it is safe as there is no discrimination towards women
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Donetsk is an industrial centre of a huge coal mining and steel works region. It was founded by a british miner John Hues and was firstly named Yuzovka. Later the city was renamed into Donetsk. City population is approximately 1,5 million people. Mostly russian speaking population. English is hardly spoken here, but knowledge develops quite quickly, especially in hospitality, because of recent outbound tourist activity. Undefeated world champion Sergey Bubka is from this place. Being the centre of the region, city has developped infrastructure and means of transportation like trams, troleybusses, busses and taxi services. City has an international airport and good railway connection to other cities of Ukraine. However, taxi drivers will try to charge you double price if you catch them near airport or railway station, so the price has to be negotiated to half of what they offer in those places straight away to avoid frustration. Nightlife and restaurants are quite various, and the best suggestion is to consult with locals or at the hotel reception about those kind of places. Central streets like Artyoma and Pushkina boulevard is rich with shops, shopping centres, restaurants and night clubs.   There are two 4 star hotels and one 5 star hotel in Donetsk. Victoria ( and Central are 4 star and Donbass Palace (  is 5 star hotel. Interacting in English is easy there because of multilingual staff.  Weather, is almost the same as in the rest of the territory of Ukraine with an exception of Crimea. So check the weather report first, cause it gets quite cold in winter and quite hot in summer
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Big city, but we went for the markets. You can buy some very nice clothes for not too much money. Real fur, as it's nothing special and it keeps very warm. However only go with a local guy/gal, otherwise you'll end up paying up to 10 times as much. And then you could buy at home. Just never open your mouth in public... But they are nice in general.
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