Multicultural London is the capital of the United Kingdom and England.  It is a huge city, with a metropolitan population of nearly 14 million, and is also a major world financial center.  It has proven to be a magnet to people from around the world, and its diversity increases yearly.
London's roots date back to the Roman era where it was called Londinium. London became capital of the Kingdom of England by the 13th century, and since then it has been one of the leading European cities.
Despite its ancient roots, damage from fires and wars (the WWII Blitz damaged over a million homes in London alone)  have made London somewhat more modern looking than many European cities.  Older structures such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul's Cathedral mix with newer 19th and 20th century buildings.
As capital of the British Empire, London ended up being home to a vast treasure of art, which now resides in world-famous museums such as the British Museum, National Gallery, and the Tate Galleries.  There is also much shopping to be done in places such as Oxford Street, Camden Market and Portobello Road.


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I'm going to London soon, but I also want to visit another country for about two days while in Europe. I'm trying to decide between Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium or Italy... anyone have any other suggestions?
Hello! I'm visiting London the end of October. What place(s) do I realy need to see? Do you know a good restaurant too?Greetings, Sarah
I am going to London with my kids somewhere in the first two weeks of August. What are the should do's with kids in London.
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cosmopolitan and full of life!!
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Buy a travel card - it will save a few quid when getting about.
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My favourite city in the whole world - even though I live there - beautiful buildings - St Pauls Cathedral, Big Ben, Tower Bridge - Magical - Day or Night Dont go shopping in Oxford street though... too many people People watching over a cup of coffee in Covent Garden is great fun though
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