Surprise isn't a popular stop for travelers making their way through the United States. The few that do usually go to see the Walmart. Otherwise travelers visiting the area tend to stick to more popular destinations such as Phoenix and Tempe. Know something about Surprise? Help us out by sharing your favorite places in this Surprise travel guide.
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Surprise AZ is a pretty much a newly built city, constructed in the last 5 years on top of what was farm land.  It is basically about 20 miles West of Phoenix off the and 5 miles north of the 10 freeway.  Nice new homes, and parks, but now is plagued by foreclosures and home values have dropped.  At this point, its a great buy.  You can get a 3000 ft house built in 2006 for under $200k.   Nice Arizona people and English is not a second language there!
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Not much to do unless it is spring training or you are a golfer.
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