Most visitors to the California city of Anaheim are coming to visit Disneyland.  This world famous theme park resort attracts up to 15 million people each year, and is especially popular with kids.  Many kids have memories of visiting Disneyland, but it is advisable to do some planning and Fastpassing to avoid spending your vacation standing in line.

Some highlights include Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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What kind of disney gift would a 16 y.o boy like? I'm going to Disneyland in May and want to get a present for my new step-brother.
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The place in LA to say if you're doing Disney Land/Califonia Adventure Park etc. Also, designed for tourists as tour buses (for LA City, Universal Studios Park, San Diego Zoo, Seaworl (San Diego) etc. are all easy to book and get to from here. Usually a free bus/shuttle (you may have to request pickup) to the tour desk from your hotel, and then pay the tour fee and get straight on the bus to where you want to go.
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Disney Land. When going to disneyland bring a water bottle! They charge an arm and a leg for liquids and its always 10 degrees hotter then the rest of anaheim due to all of the black pavement. Tues and Wed are the least crowded days to go. If you have small children with you or are just worn out the train that goes around the park allows for a nice break. Try the station at toon town. Its usually the least crowded
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Of coarse as everyone knows, anaheim is a boring city, and the only thing to do there is go to disneyland. I love disneyland, i have season passes, and ive gone once a month for the past two years. The tallest building in anaheim for a while was the matterhorn. how lame is that? i think once they built the hotel that changed, but im almost positive it remains the tallest man-made mountain in anaheim.
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