Located close to the San Francisco Airport, Burlingame is primarily a residential neighbourhood.  Its downtown is home to a number of coffee shops, restaurants and small boutiques, and on Sunday mornings there is a lively farmers market.  Travellers are more likely to head up to San Francisco or Napa Valley.   If you do travel to Burlingame, please take some time to tell share your favourite places!
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I lived right off Burlingame Avenue, on Lorton. I moved in with 2 illegals from Italy, nicest girls you'd ever know. The rest of their crew, kinda shady.

Anyway on Burlingame Avenue is a bunch of nice stores like Ann Taylor to The Gap. A bunch of restaurants like Il Fornaio and that cute little spanish bar/restaurant at the end of the street.

It's cute for the area. I was once in love with it, but I had to Upgrade, Upgrade.
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