Few travelers make their way to Pacific Grove when visiting the United States, and those that do usually only make a brief stop to see the Down by da Beach...boy.... Other destinations such as Monterey and Santa Cruz may be more interesting to visit in the area. Know something about Pacific Grove? Help us out by adding your favorite spots to this Pacific Grove travel guide.
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Enjoyed great meals at the Fishwife (fresh and clean seafood near Asilomar State Beach - great Calamari Steak. Also enjoyed the Port & Torte for dessert); Red House Cafe (Downtown on Lighthouse - both breakfast and lunch - great pork tenderloin sandwich); and Favaloro's (Downtown on Lighthouse - Italian & seafood - extensive wine list, excellent Fettucine Frutto di Mare)

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Restaurant Recommendation - "Fifi's Cafe" on Forest Avenue.  The outside doesn't give a clue to the wonderful atmosphere and food within.  Owners are husband & wife team.  His knowledge of wine is amazing!  She, Michelle, was trained in Paris and is a delightful woman who ensures the food is always delicious and memorable.  I've never had a bad meal there!
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Pacific Grove is a nice place to park the car, walk around the paths and see the Pacific Ocean.  It's rather on the cool side so bring layers.  There are lots of little B&B's along the way, but usually fill up fast, so go to the web and book your reservations.
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Enjoyed great meals at the Fishwife (fresh and clean seafood near Asilomar State.. (More)
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Restaurant Recommendation - "Fifi's Cafe" on Forest Avenue. The outside doesn't.. (More)
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