A western city that has undergone amazing growth.  Denver is part mountain town, party gritty industrial city. Restaurants and attractions abound and it sits at the foot of one of the United States biggest mountain chains, The Rockies.
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I didn't know what to expect from Denver, but I was very pleasantly surprised. People were friendly, there was plenty to do.   I would take the train downtown often.  There was the 16 street mall with shops, restaurants, live street performers, etc. Also the train that I took would take me to the Buckhorn Exchange which was a restaurant with tons of animal heads on the walls, but also a few presidents, royalty, and famous people have eatten there.   The zoo was real nice as was the botanical garden.  Also there is an aquarium walking distance from the 16 street mall.  And if your into sports there is plenty of that as well. Invesco field, pepsi center, and one other i cant recall off top of my head though. 
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Denver is the mile city because that is what it is. It sits at an altitude of just over a mile. The twelfth step on the treasury building (the one with the gold dome) is exactly one mile above sea level. The red rocks arena is just out of Denver and a great venue for a concert but its free to walk around when there is no show. DIA is also a good airport and caters specifically to skiers and snowboarders.
My favourite place is 17th St. A free bus service runs from one end to the other and is the only vehicle allowed on this pedestrian zone. There are many shops and restaurants and a microbrewery with tasty beers, an extensive menu, good atmostphere and plush pool tables. I wish I could remember its name.
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If you go to Denver or actually I will say in a bigger scope ....Colorado, you can go to Denver's civic center, it's a landscaped park with a Greek amphitheater in it, it is used for concert. Or you can go to Colorado Springs, and near it you can find also Red rocks in the Garden of the Gods. Depending on the intensity and angle of light you can have magnificent views. Well, other place is skiing resorts on Colorado's rocky mountains. Aspen is the world famous ski destination. For you who likes ancient history, you can go to Cliff Palace. it is the ruins from Mesa Verde Indians, it has a lot of underground rooms for their ancient ceremonies. Have fun in Colorado
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