Bustling nightlife, sandy beaches and a latin flair, Miami is the ultimate party destination.  This multi-ethnic city is a vibrant blend of cultures evident in everything from the attitude to the food, the museums and music scene to the city's architecture.  Be sure to head to Miami's Art Deco district to see beautifully preserved examples of historical buildings that have influenced designs around the world.
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Somebody knows of what I need to be careful when I go to Miami Beach?
Besides South Beach, what are the best beaches in Miami to see the hottest nice girls?
I wanna go to Miami... from Sardinia... anyone could let me know the cheapest way?? thx!
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Wolfsonian Museum. While looking forward to use a more advance technology and waiting for a better invention and design implicated in our life, I suddenly realized that what we’re expecting to see in modern technologies are developed under the basic concept of Alexander Bell’s and Thomas Edison’s inventions. I was quite confused in the true meaning of new/old and classic/contemporary after seeing the exhibition and collections in the museum. Because of the lifestyle in the past, people of our father and even grandfather generations were making something to make life more beautiful and convenient. A latest technological product or a creative design may be very attractive, but actually they’re grown because of our better lifestyle. And after our life's getting better, more ideas flash across our mind. It’s quite a comfortable feeling be awakened and to understand the truth of life in the heart of Art Deco, Miami.
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une super ville!
on y trouve un climat tropical, la plage, les gratte ciel typiquement américain ,les magasins et même quelques musées pour les plus artistes(mais il ne faut pas aller à miami uniquement pour la culture sous peine d'être déçu)!
Elle se situe en plus à proximités des everglades,des différentes keys( petite péninsule d'îles très jolies au sud) et pas très loin d'un plus grands centres commerciaux des usa!

on y trouve en plus divers quartiers pour les touristes selon l'ambiance que l'on recherche entre coconut groove ou south beach!
petit conseil : éviter de trainer dans downtown la nuit c'est relativement dangereux!

la plage de south beach qui se situe dans la ville est une plage magnifique bien que son aspect artificiel puisse choquer.

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