Captain Cook attracts only a small number of travelers, who mostly stop for a visit to see the Capt. Cook Monument. Otherwise those traveling through the area generally visit the more popular destinations such as Hilo. If you do travel to Captain Cook, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Captain Cook travel guide.
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ok the most important thing to bring is a great pair of very comfortable hiking shoes because although there is the possiblility to rent a boat to get to the cook monument it is both expensive and not as fun as hiking. and let me tell you as a hiker for years this is a very DIFFICULT hike for multiple reasons. first its downhill on the way there so VERY slippery, so wear gripping shoes. on the way up its so high that you'll need plenty of water to make it. but let me tell u the view and hte snorkeling is unmatched  and unbelievable!!!
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