Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and is a popular tourist destination.  It lies on Chesapeake Bay and has a fantastic Inner Harbor area.    It is historically interesting and one can take a paddleboat out on the harbour.
The National Aquarium in Baltimore is located on the harbor and draws excellent reviews for its dolphin show, shark tank, and other exhibits.  Camden Yards is known as a great park to watch baseball and get some ballgame food.
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When in Baltimore, it is a must to take in the Aquarium that the city has. The amazing sight of those fish by the majestic Chesapeake River is a something to behold.Also, don't forget to see the Oriole Stadium, one of the most original and beautiful baseball stadiums in America. Baltimore is rich with American history from the famous Edgar Allen Poe house to the famed place where Francis Scott Key saw the American Flag at Ft. McHenry and wrote "The Star Spangled Banner." Still, one must be careful in Baltimore as it is a city that has it's fair share of petty crime problems. Don't keep money in visible places and when asking for directions, don't follow people into dark alleys or unknown areas (basically: USE COMMON SENSE). Enjoy the best crab cakes you'll ever eat and one of America's most well-loved cities.
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This is a great city with a very bad reputation.  There are of course many places you should steer well clear of in Baltimore, but there are also some places you shouldn't miss.
Fells Point, Canton, and the Inner Harbor are the most obvious.
The first two are cute little neighborhoods with alot of history and charm.  Great restaurants and night life and even some culture and some pretty awesome views of the water.
The Inner Harbour is nice to visit but very tourist oriented, but do make a trip to the nearby Fells Point to get the real feel of Baltimore.  Also, do try the seafood, especially the crabs, it might be a little scary and gross to think of, but well worth it.
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Be sure to check out the aquarium while you're there. It's very interesting. There's even a dolphin show there if you're bringing small children with you. And it's in downtown Baltimore, so it's surrounded by places to get food. I believe there's a plaza near the aquarium, it has like a California Pizza Kitchen and a Cheesecake Factory and other stuff. Oh, and of course, Duff Goldman's company Charm City Cakes is in Baltimore, too, if you watch Ace of Cakes on Food Network.
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