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Nice little Sunday day trip for those whose moods might involve visiting a mom and pop store or getting a neat meal. Place offers a Holiday Inn and Sheraton among a few other hotel establishments and the adjacency to the city via public transportation.

Entrenched in Boston, Brookline's star attraction is Coolidge Corner, a quaint little neighborhood conveniently located off the green line on the T train system. Coolidge Corner is home to dozens of businesses ranging from a lovely little bakery on Beacon street that specializes in cupcakes and cakes to party favors; to a wonderfully indie bookstore called Brookline Booksmith, which reminds you of the fact that the Barnes and Noble down the street, lacks the spirit, vitality and even the inventory in stock when visiting it. Coolidge Corner is also host to a movie theater of the same name whose primary specialty is an art house movie theater of the same name which also plays late night cult films, pop star sing-a-longs (Michael Jackson and Madonna are popular) to even an X-rated midnight showing. Parking can be contentious and especially on weekends but not impossible as there is a lot of street parking, the challenge is actually getting it.

Down the street from Coolidge Corner is Washington Square, essentially Brookline's restaurant center. Offering a few wonderful additions such as the Golden Temple restaurant, a gourmet Chinese food restaurant which offers valet parking and a big menu. It's often packed on a Saturday night, of which that honor can also be bestowed upon the Publick House, a pub located directly across the street sans reservation requirements that offers a good beer menu and a wonderful "sampler" which you pay $7.50 to get 4 4oz. drinks of your pick from the menu, which can be anything from Belgium to Brooklyn, alongside very good food like gourmet White Chedder Mac N Cheese with Chicken to delicious veggie burgers. Publick House is actually in the process of opening up a second restaurant which will be a BBQ-themed joint. They already have a small store devoted exclusively to beer. Neighboring Publick House is the slightly more upscale The Fireplace, which offers a strong menu of delicious gourmet food (even the complimentary bread is mouthwatering) but pricey it is, and will require you to pull out more from your wallet than the 99 or Uno's Pizzeria you visited. Parking is a little less contentious but may require walking. Going in a total 180 is the neighboring Movieworks video store, one of the few holdouts that hasn't suffered the wrath of Netflix and typifies the essential indie video store from PBS docs to adult films to any of your run of the mill mainstream flicks to obscure 80's cult flicks.

Recommended Places To Visit:

Party Favors bakery and party favors store

Brookline Booksmith

Coolidge Corner Theatre

Anna's Taqueria

Golden Temple Restaurant

Publick House Restaurant (offers no website but simply this review website)

The Fireplace

Movieworks of Brookline

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Fairly quaint Massachusetts city is located 10 miles from downtown Boston with a surprisingly well defined downtown area that's host to a variety of small businesses ranging from exclusive restaurants to specialty stores to an art house movie theater. City is home to a major Bank of America office and a variety of software and technology companies avoiding the hustle of neighboring Boston. Waltham is ultimately defined by Moody street, which is the aforementioned description of the business downtown area and Main street, also host to a variety of businesses but less pedestrian friendly and more commercial such as Hannaford's Supermarket and a Wendy's fast food joint.

The best way to describe Waltham is a suburban sprawl that's a healthy mix of both residential neighborhoods, apartment buildings and any given number of small commercial developments from banks to supermarkets. Streets are easy to navigate as in any respective small city with two way streets making up a majority of the city. City's flagship point is the former Waltham Watch Company, often credited as one of the key elements of the Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and billing Waltham as such a place. Waltham is also known as Boston's 128 High Technology Corridor, sporting several businesses ranging from Polaroid to Raytheon to Sun Microsystems. It's also home to Bentley College, Brandeis University and Boston University's Digital Production School for film, photography and graphic design.

Weekend nights in downtown can offer you a glimpse of virtually anything good in demand from fairly busy restaurants that serve a healthy mix of diverse foods such as Chinese, Mexican, American and Indian to a good number of bars. Walking up and down Moody street is a fairly simple walk and you can pop in any of the stores that deal in all kinds of specialty products. Parking is fair and not impossible but surprisingly tough at times. City has a fair number of parking lots and a couple garages to help satisfy your parking spot search. Downtown Waltham Commons on any given Spring to early Fall Saturday night is often host to a concert or fair that's free and open to the public.

All in all, city offers a surprising mix of things that you might find enjoyable.

Key Places

City of Waltham
Waltham Community Page
Embassy Cinema
Watch City Brewing Company
Wings Express Waltham
Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant
Waltham Public Library
The Skelling Pub
Jake's Dixie Roadhouse
Center for Digital Imaging Arts @ Boston University
Back Pages Books
Lizzy's Ice Cream
Outer Limits Comics

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