Long Branch receives very few travelers, and it's among the United States's less visited places. Other destinations in the area such as Newark, Jersey City, and Atlantic City may be more interesting to pay a visit. Know something about Long Branch? Help us out and add to this Long Branch travel guide.
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The jersey shore is simply breathtaking and relaxing. After a storm, simply sit and watch the surfers for hours.  Sirena restaurant is a great place to do this on their outdoor deck and relaxing music - go at high tide - the ocean comes right up to greet you :-)

Stayed at Ocean Place Resort and Spa - pricey but worth being right on the beach - easy to get up and watch the sunrise - great nightly bonfires, tiki bar, and outdoor lounge and dining. Next door to Pier Village and Avenue night club.  Also has outoor pool and hot tub.

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Go to Monmouth Park for the horses...
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