Few travelers choose to stop at Roswell when traveling to the United States, and those that do usually only make a brief stop to see the UFO Museum. Other places in the area such as Carlsbad may be more interesting to explore. If you do travel to Roswell, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Roswell travel guide.
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The Roswell WalMart is one of the trippiest places I have ever been. If you've ever wondered Who Lives In Roswell, Anyway? you can get a peek at WalMart.
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My first impression of Roswell was exactly this:  of all the places in the world to choose from, beings from another galaxy would plan their vacation HERE?  If they flew light years to come to Roswell, they're not as intelligent as generally believed.  In all fairness, the story is that they crashed, so they were probably on their way to Albuquerque; they'd fit in better there anyway.  I don't mean to mindlessly insult the town of Roswell or any of her citizens--I wouldn't suggest my home town to anyone looking for a vacation either.  But anyone moving to NM or west Texas should know that before you take off on a weekend getaway to Roswell that there's really nothing of substance.  Plan this town as a rest stop and move on down the road.
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The alien festival is a fun gimmick that the whole town exploits for business purposes. I found the festival a bit disappointing. The museum downtown was a complete ripoff, dingy, (crowded on the weekend of festival) poorly maintained with sucky exhibits. Beware the bathrooms. The fair held at the convention center held more booths and information and a better organized little exhibit on the history of the Roswell 'Event'.
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