Washington Heights isn't a popular stop for travelers making their way through the United States. The few that do usually go to see the Columbia. Travelers making their way through the area might want to check out some more well-known nearby destinations such as New York and Albany. Have you been to Washington Heights? Help us improve this Washington Heights travel guide by adding your favorite places!
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Home sweet home, at least for the moment!  This neighborhood made the book "World's most dangerous places" in the early 1990s when we led the city in murders.  Then Giuliani time came, and I got stopped by cops every night because I was the wrong color for the neighborhood, being a long haired white guy.  They assumed i was buying drugs, and not living there...  Now, it is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city, great restaurants that are inexpensive, like El Malecon, El Presidente, and Galicia among others, and no danger at all walking around the streets anytime of night.  Heck, the Berlin Philharmonic even played a concert in the neighborhood this past year in Reverend Ike's Church :)
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