Not too many travelers make their way to Townsend when visiting the United States. Those that do usually go to see the Little River Outfitters. Other travel spots such as Gatlinburg and Knoxville may be more interesting to check out in the area. Know something about Townsend? Help us out by adding your favorite places to this Townsend travel guide.
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Take your time and enjoy the scenery and the events that are taking place when your in Townsend, events such as: carshows. If your a log cabin lover, then spend the night in a log cabin or just do a little camping at the Towsend campsite. Both are great and relaxing. If taking a trip into Townsend be sure to take a little drive up to Cades Cove around the loop. To really take in Cades Cove's loop, drive around the loop twice and there may be more animals out the second time around. Just enjoy, relax, and enjoy God's beautiful nature and maybe stop in at one of Towsend's restuarants and eat. There several great restuarants and burger stops. If you decide to camp and it's summer time, be sure you try intertubing down the river.
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