Few travelers choose to stop at Provo when traveling to the United States, and those that do usually only make a brief stop to see the Utah Hogle Zoo, "this Is the Place- Heritage Park", Byu Campus. Other places in the area such as Park City and Salt Lake City may be more interesting to explore. If you do travel to Provo, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Provo travel guide.
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Must Do! Hike to the "Y," Drive through Provo Canyon, Visit Bridal Veil Falls, Drive to the top of Squaw's Peak at night, climb the canyon behind the LDS temple, visit the Ering Science Center on BYU campus, Eat at J Dawgs (located on the south east corner of BYU campus), eat at India Garden (100 West and Main), and go bargain shopping at Deseret Industries
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The streets are arranged in terms of their coordinates from the Mormon temple in the city center.  All of Utah is like this.
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Be sure to bring lots of snack and tunes if your driving!!
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Be sure to bring lots of snack and tunes if your driving!! (More)
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