The birthplace of grunge rock and gourmet coffee is also the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.  Here in this beautiful city you can explore in any direction you want.  Iconic attractions include the Space Needle as well as the Experience Music Project.  Or else wander to the Pike Place Market and sample different offerings of clam chowder.  By the market, you can hop onto any number of ferries to one of thousands of islands in the area, or soak up the live music scene and one of the numerous coffee houses and cafes.  Remember that legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam came from here, so keep a lookout for the next breakout! 
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What are some good restaurants to try in Seattle?
What are the best things to see, do and experience in the Washington State,USA and Canada Vancuver, Edmonton, Calgary areas ?? and how much time do I need in each area? Thanks, my first time in the area.
Going to Seattle - want to do NON TOURISTY stuff but still experience the city - any suggestions?
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Great city, many fun attraction, good shopping, nice friendly people. Attractions: boeing factory, space needle, eastern washington wineries. best western underneath the space needle good / central hotel. pike market, indian can be rainy
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For as large as Seattle may be, the truth is that many struggle with transportation options while visiting the city. Taxi service can be hard to find, and ,in addition, is costly. Water ferries and public buses are also available for a much lower cost, but rarely do tourists want to have to carry their luggage onto these public options. Taxi is most convenient, but limousine and hired car service are often overlooked.

Be aware that Seattle's private taxi companies will charge 18.5% in tax and will also add an airport facilities fee of around 11%. This can really drive up your taxi fares.

Taxi Service

Taxi service in Seattle is varied. It isn't an inexpensive option, however, so many people prefer to avoid trying to get a taxi. Many travelers find that it pays off to call ahead when you need taxi service because they can be hard to find out on the street.

Rates are set by King County, so no matter what taxi company you select, the rates are the same.

$2.50 flat rate for picking you up.

$2.00 per mile plus an additional gas surcharge that varies.

50 cents for every minute the taxi driver must wait.

50 cents for each passenger over two. Children are excluded from this rule.

$28 flat rate for passengers going to SeaTac Airport.

Puget Sound Dispatch keeps a fleet of 360 taxis in King County and the Seattle area. When you think about the number of residents and tourists seeking rides after dinner or drinks, it isn't hard to understand why taxis can be hard to find. They are the area's oldest taxi company operating both Yellow Cabs and RedTop Taxis, so they are generally the most recommended.

Puget Sound Dispatch accepts major credit cards or cash only. Personal checks and travelers checks are not accepted.

You can reach Puget Sound Dispatch by calling one of four numbers:

Eastside – (425) 455-4999

RedTop Taxi Service – (206) 789-4949

Seattle – (206) 622-6500

South County – (253) 872-5600


American Checker Cab is priced similarly to Puget Sound Dispatch. Drivers are respectful and taxis are cleaned regularly. Many travelers say they've had the best experiences with American Checker Cab and, therefore, highly recommend them. Call (206) 325-4545 for passenger pick-ups.


Checker Cab is a third possible choice for taxis. Again, their rates are comparable to their competitors. Drivers are friendly and cabs are usually spotless. You can call (425) 259-2000 to arrange for a passenger pick up.

Farwest Taxi offers service, but many travelers have found that the wait times for the taxis to arrive can be longer than one would expect. Rates are also higher than other companies with a two-block trip averaging $22. In a pinch, however, they are always an option. Call (206) 622-1717 to arrange for a pick up in Seattle. Those from South County should call (253) 852-2500 or (425) 454-5055 from Eastside.

Northend Taxi runs a small fleet of taxis to King County's northern area and southern Snohomish County. You can call (206) 363-3333 for pick-ups.

Northwest Taxi operates solely in downtown Seattle. They have a small fleet, so expect long waits if you choose them. Call (206) 262-1122 for pick-ups.

Many feel that Orange Cab isn’t always the best choice because they book up quickly and drivers are not overly friendly, but they do accept money orders. This makes it easier for a traveler who is traveling without a credit card. You can reach their computer dispatcher by calling (206) 522-8800 (Seattle), (425) 453-0919 (Eastside), or (253) 852-1607 (South County.

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  • Pickpockets are often attracted to crowded places. They often work in teams of two or three; one may create a distraction while the other one lifts your wallet. Be aware of someone who bumps, shoves or gets too close.
  • Don't tempt a thief by leaving your purse or wallet unattended. It only takes a second to grab it.
  • Learn to carry your purse or wallet safely. Purses should be closed, held in front of your body, with your arm across it. Wallets should be carried a front pants pocket or in an interior jacket pocket.
  • Aggressive panhandling is illegal in Seattle. If someone obstructs or intimidates you, and aggressively begs for money, you do not have to give them money, and you can report this offense to the police department. Please do not encourage or reward panhandling.
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